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All-Lite's Wind-Driven Rain and Water Penetration Laboratory

Our wind-driven rain and water penetration lab features a 48'' vane axial tubular fan providing 455,000 CFM. In front of the outlet system of nozzles which are programmed to sequence the pattern of spray. In front of this is a ventilation chamber with ductwork running to an exhaust fan featuring an airflow nozzle to measure ventilation airflow. Our setup will test louvers per AMCA 500 and 511 with eventual approval for the AMCA CRP program.

Wet Water Manifold
Allows water to fall down the wall to the face of the louver at a prescribed 4 in per hour.
Water Pressure Nozzles
Releases water to simulate wind-driven rain rates which are tested a 3 and 8 in rainfall/hr.
Fan and Nozzles
Five nozzles along with the fan simulate rain to suit the spread of rain that is required.